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How to Use the Toolkit

When family violence enters the work place, everyone feels the negative consequences. By taking action through policies, practices, public education and good corporate citizenship, your business will be modelling values that show concern and respect for the individual. By supporting employees dealing with the impacts of family violence in the work place, you will be creating a safe, respectful workplace. This will help promote a healthy work environment for everyone. Healthy work environments foster high employee morale and contribute to staff efficiency and productivity.

The Toolkit was created in a modular fashion. Depending on your workplace, you can use the Toolkit in various ways by incorporating appropriate elements into your own business or work environment as required. Some workplaces, such as those that have Employee Assistance Programs, may simply adapt existing policies or practices to include family violence sensitive provisions. Some may wish to focus on public education and staff training. Still others may choose to use all of the materials.

No matter how you use this Toolkit, we hope that it will contribute to a healthier, safer and more productive workplace.

You can use the Toolkit to help:

(1) Develop or adapt supportive policies, practices and programs that deal with family violence when it enters the work place.

The Toolkit offers model family violence policies, and suggests programs and protocols for employee safety that can be used to support employees when family violence spills into the workplace.

(2) Deliver public education about family violence and create a positive work place.

The Toolkit includes Fact Sheets with background information and key messages about family violence that you can share with your employees.

(3) Become a good corporate citizen

One way to show that you care about employees experiencing abuse, is for your business to support agencies in your community that provide social services to victims. The Toolkit offers many examples of the unique and innovative ways some employers have contributed in their communities.

The Toolkit provides many practical and concrete suggestions for the development of short and long-term actions and responses to family violence when it enters the workplace. You can use the information (fact sheets, posters and messages) in the toolkit; or, you can make use of the information directly from our Internet site at In either case, please contact us to share your success stories. We will post them on the web.