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Fact Sheet 3: Some Impacts of Family Violence on the Workplace

The purpose of this fact sheet is to outline some of the effects that family violence has on the workplace and the different ways in which it spills over from the home into the work site. Since family violence typically happens in the home, many people think that it is a private matter. Violence is not a private matter - it’s everyone’s business. No one deserves to be abused. The consequences of spousal violence on the workplace are well documented. In addition to the psychological devastation for the victim, such as low self-esteem, anger, guilt, insomnia, and depression, there are other impacts. 

Other consequences of spousal violence for victimsThe graph from Statistics Canada, General Social Survey (1999), shows that women are more likely than men to be injured or require medical attention, due to spousal violence. That means they may need time off from their daily activities including work to deal with the violence.  

The stress of living with family violence clearly affects a person’s ability to do their work. When this happens, it impacts on others in the workplace as well. 

This chart (PDF 55 k) outlines some of the ways a person’s job performance is impacted by violence at home, how it enters the workplace, and how it impacts on other workers, as well as the employer.